Cook What you Eat!

Straight Grilling...

When you love to grill all year long, it is only fitting that we bust out some of our best recipes of the year in the summer season! To celebrate the most wonderful time of year we are here to inspire some new techniques like reverse searing, smoking a leg a lamb, and  grilling some of the tastiest fruits of the season.

MMM... watermelon... 

Stoke up those coals, and fill up those plates it's a party and your taste buds are coming. 


Over looked Meats

Looking to add great flavor to your dishes and expand your palate?

Then episode 18 is for you, we are back for our first episode of 2018. We both enjoy bringing flavor and trying dishes. So here we are  shedding some light on some over looked cheap cuts of meat that pack a punch. We start off the episode with some beef tongue talk, the nutritious virtues of liver, and finally we pinch the pork cheeks. We also compare some of the more adventurous dishes we have tried. 


Adventures in Sourdough

We have been teasing this episode for months and it has finally arrived. We were invited to spend time with our local Sourdough guru Amy Owens. Over the course of two days we kneaded, boiled, and baked some delicious bagels in a wood fired oven. They were the most delicious bagels we have ever tasted and this epitomized our philosophy to Cook What you Eat. It might take more time and effort but the end result is always worth it. 



Happy Thanksgiving... Veggie Edition

Welcome to our second Thanksgiving episode, this year we decided to talk about some great dishes everyone can eat and enjoy around the holiday table. Tim has a great recipe for Tasty Tofu, Mark makes Brussel sprouts appealing, and our Gluten Free Friends finally get a Dressing worth writing home about. 

6 final_3.jpg

Apples in the Fall..

Making Cider!!  

We made apple cider to ring in the beautiful fall season. Mark and Tim talk about the process of how make fresh cider and how you can make your own. This is a great excuse to spend the day outside.  Listen to this great episode and find your local orchard pick your own apples and make some cider!! 

Word to the Wise: When making cider bees are buzzing  around so be sure to bee prepared! 

Shuck it to me Now!

Have you ever wondered how to shuck and grill an oyster... well you are in luck! 

The guys teach you how to shuck and oyster and how to grill them to perfection on The Big Green Egg. A perfect dish and it is sure to be a hit, watch and subscribe! 

I'll Have the Salad...

When it comes to Salads it is more that meets the eye. The summer is the height of fresh greenery and ingredients that take a simple salad to a great salad. Let's not forget those bound salads like everyone's favorite, potato, macaroni and even coleslaw. The guys discuss everything you need to be successful in your salad making quest including a great bacon lime sweet potato salad that will surely be a hit at your next gathering. (see episode 13 for more tips about party food) 

As always we want to hear from you.. so contact us and subscribe to the show so you never miss another episode. 

Party on Tim.. Party on Mark

Everyone loves a party!!  Make sure to bring a dish that will keep them coming back for more, and ensure your invite to the next get together.  Tim and Mark give you great suggestions on what food travels well and avoid some pitfalls when hosting.